photo-257When I say Christmas you probably think of sweets, sparkles, Santa, baking, gathering, sharing, and probably even yard blow-up decorations, (especially if you live in Dallas, those blow up things are EVERYWHERE).  But, if you live in New Mexico, Christmas has an entirely different meaning.  Here, where chile rules and comes on top of just about every offering on any menu in any town, Christmas means you want both green and red chile on top of the savory dish you just ordered.  Seriously, next time you’re in New Mexico, listen to the people around you ordering up their breakfast burritos or their frito pies – the ordering will go something like this:

Restaurant Patron:  “I’d like a breakfast burrito with eggs, potatoes, and cheese please.”

Waitress:  “Would you like red or green chile with that?

Restaurant Patron:  “Christmas.”

Waitress:  “You got it!”

IMG_4664No explanation needed.   Whether it’s June or December, all waiters and waitresses across the Land of Enchantment know what Christmas means.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of this concoction to tantalize you with since I don’t eat much chile myself with my tender taste buds and all.  When I do order chile on my food, I tend to stick with red chile on the side.  But, trust me, Christmas is a phenomena here in New Mexico and it’s not about the presents, the bedazzled trees, or the decadence and demands of December, it’s all about how you like your chile.


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4 Responses to Christmas

  1. Pamela Stone says:

    The burst of color during the holidays is wonderful in New Mexico. How lucky you are to be there!

  2. Faye Polakoff says:

    We hope the holiday and new year will bring you and Rhonda peace and love and lots of good cooking in 2014.
    Faye and Howard

  3. Dea McAdam says:

    Great post about Christmas all year round in Taos. We all have our preferences…..

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