Fresh, Vitamin Rich Juice

IMG_5440I hope you aren’t going to be let down that I’m following up last weeks compelling chronicles of the past month with a boring post about juicing.  I’ll try to make juicing as gripping as possible, but really, just how gripping can juicing be?

Liquids are about the only thing being produced and consumed in this house with our move in full swing.  Every morning, I make rich Italian coffee in our French press and berry and kale laden smoothies in the Vitamix.  I try to make a fresh, vitamin rich juice once a week.  OK, you caught me, I’m exaggerating.  I’d like to make fresh, vitamin rich juice once a week, but it doesn’t always happen.  In fact, if I want to be completely honest with you, which of course I do, then I have to confess, I haven’t made fresh, vitamin rich juice since just before we left for Paris.  I mean do you honestly think my juicer is still proudly displayed on my kitchen counter which has become the newest room added to the thrift store that has taken over my house. photo-280I can hardly make coffee and smoothies in this kitchen let alone clean and chop up a bunch of fruits and vegetables for juice.

IMG_5452I mean we are in the midst of packing hell and all of our meals eaten out or ordered in.

photo-278Luckily, just prior to leaving for our European adventure in May, I made and photographed the making of fresh, vitamin rich juice because I knew I’d be needing a few posts for when I was recovering from my surgery, which was supposed to take place back in May after my return from that vacation.  What can I say, sometimes I procrastinate.

You can get creative with this recipe and take away ingredients you don’t like substituting for things you prefer.  You can also add ginger, which really shakes things up and makes it spicier.  I don’t like ginger in my  juice so much, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it for yourself.  Go ahead, toss one half to one inch of peeled ginger root into the juicer along with all the other ingredients.  You can also skip the beets and make this primarily carrot juice or leave out more of the sugar by skipping some of the fruit.  Experiment and enjoy this fresh, vitamin rich juice.

Fresh, Vitamin Rich Juice

IMG_5458Note:  You need a juicer for this recipe.  I use an Omega juicer, which is easy to operate and quick to clean.  It doesn’t get stuck very often and can handle almost anything I put in there.  It does get a little stopped up when I try to add kale or spinach, so I’ve stopped adding fibrous greens to my juice.


4 large carrots

3 medium beets

1 pear

2 apples

How to Make Juice:

Chop all of the vegetables and fruit into pieces approximately an inch to two inches in size.  No need to peel or remove seeds.  Just chop!

IMG_5453The pieces need to be small enough to fit into the feeding tube of your juicer.  Place one piece of vegetable or fruit at a time into the feeding tube of your juicer and begin the juicing process.

IMG_5454You can see the solids on one side and the liquid (juice) on the other.  Some people like to keep the solids and make nutrition bars.  I say more power to you – nothing about those solids makes me want to mix them up into a healthy, weird tasting treat for later.

IMG_5462Keep going until you have used all of the vegetables and fruit, and you’ve got a fresh, vitamin rich juice that’s sweet and delicious.

IMG_5461Bottoms up!

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2 Responses to Fresh, Vitamin Rich Juice

  1. Faye Polakoff says:

    We love to make this type of healthy drink. Your doing good for us.
    Thanks, Lisa for your great and fun recipes.
    Faye and Howard

  2. Pam Stone says:

    Just what I need to begin my day — after meditating on my porch — that is.

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